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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 – Quite stylish widget by Nokia

Nokia is a world renowned mobile manufacturing companies and Nokia Lumia 920 is considered as one of the best creations of this brand. The widget is armed with Windows Phone 8 OS and powered by Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon Dual-core 1.5 processor. Moreover, it boasts a large 4.5 inch IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen display that can support different colors with great resolution pixels. You can also store a number of files and songs in the handset with the availability of 32 GB internal storage and 1 GB RAM. Furthermore, an 8 MP primary camera enables you to enjoy great photography in the widget. You can also enjoy video calling with a 2.1 MP Camera.

Additionally, this widget is among one of those Nokia phones available with numerous beneficial contract deals, these days. Besides this, this widget is also obtainable with some other kinds of mobile phone deals like SIM free deals and Pay as you go deals. So, you have great choice to pick any particular deal as per your choice and preference. There is no denying to the fact that Nokia Lumia 920 contracts are getting huge attention of the mobile consumers, nowadays.

Some specific contract deals which are available on this device also enable you to get this fabulous device Nokia Lumia 920 with free gifts. Moreover, with the support of contract deals, you can easily get hold of this amazing handset at affordable rates. Today, Orange is offering several beneficial deals on this widget for the benefits of mobile consumers. With an Orange, Orange Dolphin 31 £2.50 Monthly Discount £28 Line Rental 24 Months contract plan, you can not only get this device absolutely free of cost but also get the benefits in the form of free 600 minutes talk time, unlimited texts and 250 MB data usage. You are also facilitated with the advantage of £15 cashback by redemption plus free connection. Thus, £27.38 is the effective monthly cost of this plan.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 LTE - with Captivating Deals on Orange

If you are looking for a smartphone of the generation with a very stylish appearance and impeccable features then none other than Nokia Lumia 920 LTE will suit your requirement perfectly. This fantastically designed gizmo with Windows Phone 8 operating platform Dual core processor functions brilliantly. The IPS TFT capacitive 4.5 inches display screen allows the user to watch and HD quality videos, browse the web and operate the handset with ease. Carl Zeiss optics feature of the 8 MP camera clicks amazing pictures and the 2.1 MP secondary camera enable the user to make the video conferencing globally without any interruption. To explore the other ravishing features of the gadget, buy it with the alluring Nokia Lumia 920 LTE deals which are there on the online as well as retail stores with the most popular service providers. 

If we talk about the beneficial plans then the Nokia Lumia 920 LTE on Orange are worth buying. With one such24 month’s contract from Orange, the handset is there for free at a line rental and monthly effective cost of £31.The incentives are 600 minutes and unlimited texts. As a gift, the connection is for free with it.

With another interesting offer with the same operator, all the offers remaining the same, the incentives are 400 minutes and unlimited texts. If you talk over the phone for long hours but worried about the huge bill that comes every month then have a look on the 24 month contract with which the mobile phone is there for £29 along with a line rental of £36. The beneficial part of the deal is the incentives which are unlimited texts and unlimited data. The connection is free as a gift and the monthly effective rate is merely £37.21.

Depending upon your need, choose your plan wisely and grab this astounding handset without investing much from your pocket. You can also customize the search as per requirement and look for it.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Great Nokia Lumia Phones Ushering In 2013

Nokia has been a leader in the category of utility handsets giving huge life cycle. Although these Nokia phones were never great to look at, they were very compact and user friendly. Moreover, they have huge longevity and they are really well built so that you won’t have to worry if they keep falling around!

Of course, the brand has changed its stance recently with great designer looks in their touch screen models. The features have also gone up but the longevity has never diminished. Look at the Nokia Lumia phones in the year 2013. The Asha series is a big hit and a few newer versions are going to be added. It is of course a mid-range phone with great features for audio and video besides huge memory space and fast processor.

But the real surprise comes with the newly launched Lumia series. They are high end phones that are GPRS enabled. So you can locate a restaurant, a hospital or a police station nearest to your location even when you are in an unknown territory. This is a great new feature added to its already existing one!

The Nokia Lumia 620 SIM free is on the lower side among the versions pricewise, but it has great features like dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Windows Phone 8, two cameras with 5MP rear one and 0.3MP front, having resolution that is enviable (2592 X 1944 pixels for rear; 640 X 480 pixels for front). Memory space of 8GB (internal) and 7GB (external) is pretty huge!
  • Dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • Windows Phone 8
  • 2 cameras: rear (5MP, 2592 X 1944 pixels) and front (0.3MP, 640 X 480 pixels)
  • Memory: 8GB internal and 7GB external
  • Battery life pretty appreciable: 8 hours on 2G and 12 hours on 3G at a stretch

The Nokia Lumia 720 SIM Free is on a cheaper side, but hardly does it affect its attractive features! Besides a sleek look, it has to offer: -
  • 4.3” capacitive touch screen
  • 8GB internal memory + 64GB external
  • Runs on Dual core 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM
  • rear end camera of 6.1MP and front 1.3 MP
  • Windows 8 OS loaded
  • Runs at a stretch for 23 hours in 2G and 13 hours in 3G
The 620 model comes at £233.39 in UK while the 720 will be available at £303.99 approx.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nokia Lumia 610 Deals Resonating With Your Pocket!

If you looking for something a handset that is windows based plus it don’t puncture your pocket then Nokia Lumia 610 is definitely the product for you. The phone has a marvelous battery backup and therefore won’t interrupt your traveling or continuous hours of work. The handset shares an expertise over the networking websites and enables you to keep a track of all your accounts simultaneously. It may be any networking site you ace all! The special feature of this beauty is the metallic feel though it’s out of plastic and therefore doesn’t appear bulky. You can shake your hand with an array of colors like the conventional black and white or going for magenta or cyan won’t be a bad option. The phone imparts exceptional assistance by displaying pictures of the functions so you are aware of what it is all about. This is proving of great help for those who are first time users or unaware of its utility.

NOKIA LUMIA 610 Contract Deals

The network companies are aware of your curiosity to buy this phone thus they are coming up with various schemes which can accommodate according to your choice. The Nokia Lumia 610 Deals from Orange claiming a monthly rental of £26.00 and you earn 400 minutes on the free handset. In case you are in the mood of earning a free iPod then simply opting for the T-Mobile deal with a £35 Line Rental (contract term 18 Months) you receive the phone plus Unlimited Text and all network liable 600 Minutes calling, 750 MB Data internet data processing supplementary to the £105 Cashback by Redemption. Vodafone Nokia Lumia 610 Contract promises a 100 Minutes and Unlimited Texts for a moderate £17 Line Rental. Innumerable Contract Deals give you the freedom to choose a deal resonating with your pocket thus just go for it you really deserve it!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wish To Possess TV Plus Nokia Lumia 900 For Free?

Are you feeling the need of buying a new TV and a Phone but your pocket doesn’t support the duo, so you have to choose either! Such pathetic conditions do storm our lives when we have to choose either of the best things. But no more! The latest Nokia Lumia 900 Contract from Orange Panther 61 boast off with a free handset plus a free Samsung 40 inch LCD TV. It seems unbelievable isn’t? Another overwhelming treaty comes from Orange Dolphin 41 granting a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 along with its free connection, free handset, free 1200 minutes and unlimited texts and 250 MB data free.

O2 comes up with a pact for £27 Line Rental, free 500MB Data and £95 Cashback by Redemption. The auxiliary gifts from T-Mobile Contract Deals is 7 Months Half Line Rental rebate complementary to free 600 minutes anytime calling thus giving an effective monthly cost of £22.21. Vodafone promises a £80 Cashback by Redemption associated with free 300 minutes calling, unlimited texts and 250 MB data for a £29 Line Rental just for 24 months.

Other indispensable covenants from Orange include dolphin 31 sprinkles free connection and handset, with unimagined emancipation around £155 Cashback and Unlimited Texts and 250 MB Data. Who can resist the chance of getting this slender high performance windows 8 smart phone from Nokia? The voguish handset has a special Autofocus and Dual-LED Flash 8 Mega Pixels camera. This Nokia beauty will dazzle in your pocket and its classy feel will enhance your elation while calling. The smart gadget has turned into a fascination for mobile lovers and Nokia Lumia 900 Deals ensure that customers have to never compromise their joys. Your hands will simply turn into its devotee and your thumb will be the ruler!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 - Choose the Best Customer Friendly Deals

Is your phone making you sulk? If you feel that you phone is turmoiling your life and its frequent hanging problem irritates you then you have good news. Nokia is out with its collaboration with windows fabricating Nokia Lumia 800. This phone is a harvest from windows, a company worldwide known for its operating systems. The windows 7.5 mango OS of this phone imparts it reliability and the 1.4GHz Scorpion process grants momentum to your work!

The great Nokia Lumia 800 contracts are in full mood to enhance your joy. Mobile phone network provider companies take into account your happiness and thus release various Contract Deals so that the customer can choose according to his taste, needs and pocket.  An all rounder deals O2 with astonishing £21 line rental and in return you get any network calling 100 Minutes along with Unlimited Texts and 500 MB Data £135 cashback plus free Amazon Kindle Fire Black the effective monthly cost is £15.38. See it’s not difficult that complicated to buy a free handset along with these deals.

18 Months Canary 26 Contract with Orange can earn you the freedom to pick up a free handset just for £26 rental per month and 300 any network calling free minutes along with unlimited texts and £210 Cashback. If you wish to get the effective monthly cost reduced to £14.33 then move to the contract from Orange Panther demanding just £26 rental per month and in return along with the free handset you get 100 minutes any network calling time accompanied by Unlimited Texts, 500 MB Data and £210 cashback. Thus choose any of the Nokia Lumia 800 Deals and you have a variety options to choose what would delight you the most.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Look for the Best Nokia Lumia 710 Deals in the UK

The Nokia Lumia 710 has become one of the market bestsellers in the Lumia series of smart phones from Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company. The phone features some impressive specifications housed within a stunning body. The appeal of this Windows Smartphone is greatly enhanced due to the cost of the Lumia 710 which happens to be much lower than most of the models in the Lumia Smartphone range. The device consists of a 5 megapixel camera equipped with LED flash and autofocus. You can use it to record 720p videos at 30 fps. The TFT capacitive touchscreen with a display size of 3.7 inches is perfect for viewing images and videos. The Nokia Lumia 710 is powered by version 7.5 Mango of the Windows Phone OS. The 512 GB of RAM along with 1.4 GHz Scorpion CPU takes care of your computing needs. Several important mobile network service providers based in the UK including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Talk Mobile offer Nokia Lumia 710 contract plans with attractive gifts and incentives.

The T-Mobile Basic Internet £26 is an 18 month contract offering 300 talktime minutes and 500 texts for only £12.06 a month. You get 10 months worth of reduced line rental services at £0.99 as incentive.

Vodafone provides consumers with Nokia Lumia 710 contract deals valid for 24 months. The Voda Band 2 Standard £21 comes with 100 MB worth data usage, 100 talk time minutes and unlimited messages. 7 months free line rental is included in the £14.88 a month package.

Talk Mobile has the 24 month Talk Mobile Smart £15 plan for £9.04 each month. Included in the plan is 50 minutes along with 100 MB of data and 200 texts. For an effective monthly fee of £13, O2 Smartphone 50 min 100 MB provides you with 250 texts, 50 minutes, 100 MB as well as free connection gift.